The story of the MODBLOC retaining walls

An innovative Niçoise company

MODBLOC INTERNATIONAL is a young innovative company from Nice that develops building products that, in their design, production and installation concept, revolutionize the construction of retaining walls, while reducing the associated environmental impacts.

Its patented products, based on the concept of the work-weight, are available in a range of stone, concrete and recycled products that allow it to address three major markets:

  • Landscaping: garden walls, terraces…
  • Public works: road supports, embankment reinforcement…
  • Watercourse development

MODBLOC also offer a true ecosystem of technical solutions around its products in order to facilitate their appropriation and dissemination (block management software, site waste treatment and block reconditioning).

Factors of innovation and differentiation

  • An innovative patented system
  • A controlled aesthetic, design
  • Its high efficiency: a construction time divided by 4.
  • Its ease of implementation (adapted to emergency situations)
  • The reduction of the environmental impact by short-circuit logic and recycling of waste
  • A constant concern for R & D: Mod’Vert, Connect

Vincent Cannova: an entrepreneurial vision

Passionate about architecture, born designer Vincent Cannova has always been thirsty to do what he imagined. It is therefore natural that he turns, at age 16, to masonry and construction trades.

The flexibility and agility he seeks in his projects make him favor small structures: first a small family business and then creating his own individual business. In the same way, the machines he chooses to surround him and help him in his works are the most efficient on the market, allowing him to be always autonomous in small teams.

Know-how and expertise

His know-how led him to create exceptional villas for prestigious clients, like the villa of Tina Turner, an international artist, in Villefranche-sur-Mer, where he created, among other things, complex concrete constructions. it pre-manufactures – a dome and an amphitheater in the heart of a house already built. The book is a success. From year to year its reputation will only grow, going far beyond the borders of the Paca region.

A national recognition

Major groups such as Veolia, Garelli and Colas are also using their skills and growing expertise on retaining walls. In stone, reinforced concrete, it will build in several years several thousand kilometers of walls for the Departmental Council 06, the metropolis, dozens of municipalities and individuals.

His love of stone and quality works leads him to seek a solution to make more accessible on construction sites the use of mounting retaining walls of quality, controlled and homogeneous design, with unprecedented productivity. Finding solutions to minimize the workforce and mechanize the technicality, the method of work, remains at the center of his thoughts.

MODBLOC is born on December 28, 2014 in the form of first sketches. The adventure is launched…

entrance house Tina turner
amphitheater and finished layout

MODBLOC in a few dates

The first mold prototypes

  • February 2015: a first in-depth study is carried out.
  • March 2015: the first prototypes of wooden molds are born.
  • April 2015: the first pieces are ready.
wood molds MODBLOC
molds wood profile

A proof of concept quickly put in place

This is now to launch the first production of molds in series.

  • May 2015: Vincent Cannova works with a first partner: ESPB in Clermont-Ferrand.
  • June 2015: launch of the first small production to realize the first wall of the first order for an individual.
blocks mod
molds wood profile

Fierce proof of the market

Private customers for Roman opus stone walls follow one another all year round. The pace of production continues to grow. Vincent Cannova imagines variations of the product in order to meet the growing demands.

  • February 2016, the first public market of 80 k€ for the General Council of Alpes-Maritimes is won.
    The case of use: a landslide in a schoolyard following bad weather in Biot.
    The requirements of the site are the construction of a stone wall of 120 m² in 2 weeks during the holiday period of February.
    MODBLOC will perform the installation and earthworks in 2 days. The installation of the stone wall of 120 m² will be realized in 3 days only.

A concept of obvious efficiency

The effectiveness of the concept is becoming clear and public procurement is increasing.

  • January 2016: the modul’Matricé, the declination of MODBLOC in architectural concrete, is launched.
  • 2016: the turnover of the production unit in Paca is 600 k€.

Aware of the full potential of MODBLOC products, Vincent Cannova sees the need to move from the seed stage to a scaling up and the replicability of early success.

He decides to surround himself with two new partners: Alexandra Masson, lawyer, and Eric Pétrotto, serial entrepreneur, to structure what will become a few months later MODBLOC INTERNATIONAL.

The seat is installed in the region where the invention was born: in Cagnes-sur-Mer in the Paca region.

Still in this development goal, a new mold manufacturer partner is approaching: the ALFI Technologies.

To follow…

construction site for retaining wall