Our Product catalog – The mod’ range

mod'Stone - Retaining Wall
mod'Stone logo
  • facing panel in natural stone
  • 100% limestone
  • 10 cm thick
mod'Concrete - Retaining Wall
mod'Concrete logo
  • facing panel in pre-cast concrete
  • customizable moulds and colors
  • flexible thickness

The mod’ features

Patented system

Certified by design and control offices, the concept of mod’s has been the subject of a patent application.

Mechanical stapling

The siding is mechanically stapled (eliminating the risk of separation due to temperature condensation) at mod’ concrete.

Trapezoidal shape

The trapezoidal shape of mod’s makes it possible to work with radii of curvature up to 2.40 meters.


The facings are calibrated and their angle is adjusted when using modul’s of small dimensions to guarantee a regular gap even in extreme curves.


The concrete elements are machined to meet the aesthetic and technical tolerances of the millimeter.


In order to handle the items in balance and in complete safety, the mod’s are equipped with standard lifting hooks (“arteon” type).

Different sizes

In order to meet any specification, mod’s are available in several sizes.

mod' blueprint