Implementation and installation procedure

From engineering studies to construction of the retaining wall

The installation procedure used to implement a wall is based on:

  • the specific conditions of each project (resources, deadlines, environment…),
  • the engineering and upstream studies’ recommendations.

If requested, MODBLOC can send someone on site to monitor the wall project.

We work in close collaboration with masters of works and companies to determine the aesthetics and technical skills employed.

Custom parts are made on demand depending on the project. Angles, unhooked, aras are all scalable elements on request.

The mod’s are also suitable to receive a fence, a border or a parapet on the upper part of the wall.

What MODBLOC allows in one day

1. Levelling

2. Preparation

3. Dry-laying

4. Embankment

Features and assets of the MODBLOC solution

  • The concept only requires basic gravel base or a lightweight concrete support
  • Wall angle given by the first row
  • Standard drainage – no additional drainage features required
  • Installation using mainly lifting devices
  • Reduced workforce, material and installation time thanks to the simplicity of the system
  • modul’s sizes chosen according to technical needs of each case and adapted to design requirements
  • Dry interlocking saves time and maximizes productivity (no binder needed)
  • Clean building site throughout the project eliminates collateral damage during installation
  • Controlled logistic and quicker implementation compared to traditional methods thanks to pre-defined plans/drawings, storage and transportation palettes
  • Drastic reduction of waste tied to execution risks